2017 – Lithuania

20th Annual ECRF Conference – Vilnius, Lithuania
14-16 June 2017


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Conference Presentations and Media

Thursday, 15th June

Session 1: From Policies to Practice

Mr Andrea Servida – The eGOV Actions Plan 2016-2020
Ms Maija Laurila – BRIS and beyond
Mr Gintautas Bartkus – Digitalization of Company Law
Mr Vito Giannella – TOOP – The Once Only Principle Project
Mr Kevin Kerrigan – EBOCS Project

Session 2: Beneficial Ownership

Mr Michele Riccardi – The role and mission of beneficial owner registers in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing
Mr Julian Lamb – Beneficial Ownership Working Group Report
Mr Peter Hubalek – Beneficial Ownership case study: Austria
Mr Adam Hexner – Beneficial Ownership case study: Czech Republic
Mr Sascha Heinig – Beneficial Ownership case study: Germany

Session 3: The Global View

Ms Ieva Tarailienė – An insight into the business registration in Lithuania
Ms Andreja Marusic – The work of the World Bank in the field of Business Environment
Ms Monica Grahn and Ms Stacey Jo Smith – The International Business Registers Survey and Report
Mr Franklin Steves & Mr Zvonko Obradović – An update on the work with Western Balkan business registry platform
Mr Rimantas Žylius – Relevance of business registries cooperation to emerging economies

Friday, 16th June
Session 4: European Digital Agenda – Building the IT Administration

Mr Hans Graux – eIDAS regulation and its implication
Mr Johan Bergsten – Adopting eIDAS in Sweden and the Nordic collaboration
Ms Mojca Kunsek & Mr Tadej Ulčar – Digital Certificate Record – Slovenia case study
Mr Gary Walsh – The Blockchain technology for the Business Registers

Session 5: Data Issues Affecting Registers

Mr Maurizio Pirazzini & Mr Pierluigi Sodini – Business register and the “right to be forgotten”
Ms Ann Lewis, Ms Jo Jones & Mr Mark Buckley – Access to data – transparency vs privacy
Ms Maria Gabriela Zoană – Data exchange in the context of interoperability at national/European level
Mr Ricco Dun – The ways to bring the LEI-world and the BR-world together

Session 6: Data Issues Affecting Registers

Ms Zahrah Abd Wahab Fenner – Updates on Corporate Registers Forum (CRF)
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Ms Cheri Myers – Update from International Association of Commercial Administrators (IACA)
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Mr Bruno de Greysier – The ECRF Conference 2018 Gibraltar
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